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Originally called kiwi CRAFT, BREWED: A Guide to the Craft Beer of New Zealand is a book project that was launched on KickStarter in mid 2014, it raised over $20,000 and was released in September 2015, published by Potton and Burton. It features general information on beer in New Zealand (such as style guides, info on matching beer and food, how beer is made, et cetera), profiles on 140 New Zealand breweries, tasting notes on over 400 New Zealand beers and a guide to over 100 beer destinations throughout New Zealand. 

Reviews of BREWED: A Guide to the Craft Beer of New Zealand

"A must read for [beer] aficionados" Jo Burzynska, Viva Magazine

"A fantastic resource" - Michael Donaldson, Stuff

"an excellent snapshot of the New Zealand brewing scene" Geoff Griggs, Stuff

"Thorough... informative and easy to read" Kerry Tyack, HospoNation

"... this is a definitive guide. Whether you're a card-carrying beer nerd or just beginning to expand your hoppy horizons, it's an excellent overview of the craft beer scene in this country." Alice Neville,

"Van Cruysen’s writing is unfussy and direct, with only a few flourishes and asides. The book is easy to digest and wonderfully interesting to read; the design and layout (the breweries are featured in alphabetical order) means you can dip in and out – just what you need with a guide! It’s also a lovely looking thing with some great photography. I highly recommend this to anyone with even a passing interest in beer." NZ Book Lovers